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Clean Coast Collective

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Circular September presents the Clean Coast Collective, who are not only cleaning up polluted beaches around Australia but also offer beautiful plastic free products to transition to a zero waste lifestyle and a closed loop system.

Clean Coast Collective was created in response to a trip around the entire coastline of Australia. Founders, Nat and Dan, were blown away by the sheer volume of plastics polluting even the most secluded beaches. Through this trip, the challenge became clear: our society is stuck in a never ending plastic trap, and beach clean-ups alone were not enough to make a lasting impact.

In response, Clean Coast Collective has worked hard to compile a small selection of reusable, lifestyle accessories to replace some of the most common and toxic single-use plastics in your life. The main goal? To close the circle by creating an influential consumer movement that is more mindful in avoiding plastics, as well as providing people with the tools and knowledge they need to do so.

But while Clean Coast Collective is stopping plastics at the source, there are still 5 trillion tonnes of plastics floating at sea – that’s why100% of profits from their product sales go directly towards funding their Trash Tribe expeditions to clean up Australia’s most polluted beaches. 

Welcome to the #CleanCoastLife.


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