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Hemp Collective

Maxine & Mike Shea are the Founders of their family-run Australian business, Hemp Collective based in Mullumbimby. They have a vertically integrated business where they grow hemp in rich volcanic soil with organic with sustainable farming practices.

They use a small portion of the oil pressed from their hemp seeds to hand make our organic plant-derived hemp products. They then handcraft their eco range of solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars that are conveniently housed in a reusable tin and come in refills. They also complement the range with our natural Hemp Soaps and Pet Shampoo bars.

They are striving to support regional and sustainable production, making safe, high-quality goods, and to reinvigorate society, by applying craftsmanship and quality that’s valued above over-consumption and standardisation. 

For Maxine and Mike, in addition to creating a healthy sustainable product range, it has always been very important to establish an ethical business that is kind to the environment with zero waste.  As such, every aspect of their business is focused on a policy of zero waste and they work very hard to make sure they hold true to their social and ethical responsibility about their waste impact.  

Maxine says “Having a circular and zero-waste focus on every aspect of our supply chain is integral to creating a happier healthier world for future generations.⁠ One of the many ways we have achieved this is with our product range. We select and make our products with ethically sourced organic plant-derived ingredients, which are naturally vegan-friendly and they last for a long time. They contain, no SLS or parabens and they are presented in a reusable tin and come with refills. This, in turn, helps eliminate plastic waste and decrease our environmental impact by getting rid of plastic bottles.⁠”


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