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Junk Made

Junk Made is an inspiring small business based in Toowoomba, Queensland. They promote inclusion, recycling and sustainability, by bringing the community together and

creating masterpieces out of 'junk'.

Junk Made was founded by Sherie Navin in 2018 with her love for creating unusual art and craft

along with her passion for working with people who live with a disability or mental illness.

Sherie believes that using everyday items to create something new and interesting can have a very

calming and rewarding affect and allows people of all abilities to explore their own creativity without specific rules or expected outcomes.

From a collage on a cereal box to a large sculpture using found items, the cost of creating with

recycled everyday materials is very low. It also gets people thinking outside the box.

They support many clients to reach their NDIS goals and also facilitate school holiday programs within their area joining with local government and private businesses.

Recycled Mushroom Makers Challenge!

Details for the challenge.

Step 1- IMAGINE….. imagine a cool species of mushroom (there are thousands out there...check them out)

Step 2- RECYCLE…..recycle something that has already had an original use (ideas below)

Step 3- CREATE.…..turn your recycled materials into a new creation. A mushroom creation 🍄

Now take your best photo of this new creation and send it to Sherie at Junk Made (sms 0481124230, or email with a little info about the materials you have used, your name and best contact number.

Enter up to 3 different mushroom designs. Please send a new picture for each entry.

Entries close October 31st 2020.

Challenge open to anyone in Australia, all ages, all abilities.

Junk Made encourages everyone to have a go. Recycled Art and craft can be fun, inexpensive and a sustainable alternative activity. Make it on your own, with a friend or even a group.

From a tiny wine cork mushroom necklace to a giant mushroom sculpture for your garden, your in charge of the size, materials, and design.

What will you make???


1st prize = $100 Gift voucher at Lifecykel ( A mushroom heaven.

Judged on the most creative use of recycled materials by a very special guest (guest to be announced throughout the challenge).

2nd prize = 3x Junk Made DIY recycled activity packs (including… Insect hotel kit, Nature dream catcher kit and a Custom colour collage kit).

Judged on the most likes on Junk Made FB page, so share the page with your friends.

EXTRA prize for school aged children who enter before this Spring holidays ends. Get in quick!!!

1 lucky child will win a Grow pack from Life Cykel and it will be judged by Danielle at Life Cykel on the most creative use of recycled materials.

Items you may like to think about using in your mushroom/s could be….

Egg cartoons for paper mache

Plastic bottles or containers.

Glass bottles, vases and bowls.

Plant pots.

An old wool jumper for felting.

A wooden tree stump or log.

Broken tiles, ceramics or glass for mosaic.

A broken washing basket.

So many options of items that have already had an original use and can be now up cycled. Use your imagination. Get creating. Have fun.


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