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OCA Cuisine

Read below for some words from the beautiful team at OCA Cuisine in Byron Bay

"We are passionate chefs & farmers united by a vision to transform the way our food is grown and delivered to the table. Oca is run by a not-for-profit association (Sun Moon Star - Regenerative Community Alliance). That means we are not seeking individual financial gain, but instead to support local regenerative practices.

Oca not only stands for - Organic Cuisine and Arts - but is also the name given to the tribal housing of the Amazon indigenous communities. The Oca way of living inspires our community and is the place where we gather to share food and express our creativity.

Part of the produce used in our kitchen comes from our small scale syntropic farm in Byron Bay. We also support other local growers buying their produce directly. Wherever we can not source locally we get from Certified Organic Fair Trade partners in Australia.

All compost waste from the restaurant goes back daily to the farm and is used to feed our chickens. Other waste generated gets sent to the appropriate local disposal.

We are also starting to create a seed bank, saving seeds from both farm and restaurant to increase our food production.

We are promoting regenerative debates on our Earth Nights (fortnightly on Wednesdays). Last week we screened "2040 - Join the Regeneration". The movie was followed by a Q&A with Damon Gameau - Director and Presenter of this amazing project.

Our restaurant and Association is looking for partners in the shire to keep on supporting the Circular Economy. This way we can co-create a promising future for the next generation"


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