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Life Cykel

Life Cykel is an evolutionary focused mycelium biotechnology company that engineers positive solutions to real world problems. By harvesting the Circular Economy and using its valuable fuel in partnership with mushrooms, they are able to offer incredible products and services for our health and planetary harmony.

They take great pride in their Home Grow that kits are designed for you to easily to grow your own produce, no matter where you live and how much growing experience you have. They integrate Circular Economy principles by using waste products as valuable resources.

They collect coffee waste from coffee shops and use it to make their special coffee compost that allows you to grow delicious Oyster Mushrooms and microgreens from your kitchen bench! You can also grow beautiful flowering plants that will help save the bees.

These coffee grounds were diverted from landfill. When coffee grounds in landfill are in an anaerobic environment, they create a greenhouse gas in the form of methane. Methane has 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide!

After you have finished with your grow kit you can simple break it up and use it as compost on you veggie garden and the nutrients returns the ground, creating a closed loop system.

They also use completely compostable packaging, which keeps your product safe during transit and no trace on the environment.


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