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Life Wild

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Circular September is happy to present for a second year running, Life Wild, a beautiful zero waste/circular online store. We have always felt aligned with their mission and amazing range of eco-friendly and circular products, have a read below to learn more.

Life Wild has a new owner, Wildlife Ecologist Caitlin Weatherstone, and is running a crowdfunding campaign in October 2020 to be able to strengthen the range of circular products.

Follow their journey and support the campaign at

Life Wild is a values-based online lifestyle store aiming to make it easier for people to live more aligned with nature and embrace a more circular/zero waste lifestyle { we aim to make sustainability easier, more convenient and beautiful }. Our core values drive everything we do and we’re building a business which inherently respects our collective stakeholders (people, animals, planet) and supports local Australian business, industry, communities and causes. We're operating a functioning/aspirational circular business model and offer products that have been designed in line with or demonstrate circular economy principles, so that at the end of their life they can be predominantly deconstructed and re-purposed or regenerated, or will biodegrade safely back to the earth. We take responsibility for the end-of-life of every product we offer and provide ‘End-of-life’ ideas to help our community execute on their circularity. We currently have very few products that have elements which need to be sent to landfill, and we’re working on those. With our growing range of products that we’ve designed and made ourselves in Australia, we’ve consciously tried to re-think the concept of raw materials and waste in our everyday items. Our opening collection features materials that are natural or have had a first life already, or in some cases, would have ordinarily gone to landfill. Instead we’ve used them to make products that can fulfil another function and life, like second hand denim for making shopping totes and reusable cutlery pouches, and used coffee sacks from coffee suppliers that are perfect as reusable garbage bags and bin liners - essentially the best plastic-free and fully compostable bin liner there is! We're just getting going and there’s so much more to come. 


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