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Spare Harvest

The Joy of Sharing

Spare Harvest is making it a lot easier for everyone to live in a more circular way, all whilst creating meaningful community connections.

The sharing economy is an integral part of the circular economy and Spare Harvest harnesses both to ensure valuable food and garden resources are kept circulating in communities for as long as possible.

Spare Harvest is a community platform for people to freely exchange spare food and garden products. At its core Spare Harvest embodies the principle that your trash is someone else’s treasure, with the Spare Harvest marketplace making the connection.

Food waste is a massive problem with households contributing to 1/3 or all food wasted. Not only are we wasting food, but every single resource used to grow it, transport it, store it and sell it. Food waste when it ends up in landfill produces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Spare Harvest is on a mission is to ensure that what we have spare in our kitchens and gardens is used and not wasted. You can choose to share, swap or sell what you have spare or create a ‘wanted’ listing to find what you need from your community.

Every food and garden resource used and diverted away contributes to a better planet.

When we all participate in a circular food economy, we build a stronger local food system while reducing unnecessary waste and consumption.

Membership is free for anyone anywhere. You can join at


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