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The Daily Bar

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Circular September presents The Daily Bar, creating delicious and healthy superfood snack bars out of Byron Bay. They're setting a great example for other food companies with their sustainable, circular practices. Here is their insight into how they work towards a Circular Economy and a cleaner world.

The concept of Circular September resonates so well with us, because we truly

feel like this is only the only way forward. We know too much, and have seen too

many environmental changes in our world, happen before our very eyes, to

unconsciously carry out our lives and our business in the single-use, fast-fashion,

more, more, more style of previous times.

At The Daily Bar we are working towards creating a closed (circular) loop with

food ~ no mean feat; with food production and waste being a significant

contributor to CO2 emissions and climate change.

We start with the production. Our bars are all made in-house (house being our

commercial production facility) which means we have ultimate control over our

production footprint.

We work hard to minimise our waste in all areas, recycling, reusing materials to

an inch of their lives, giving seconds/offcuts to a local organisation that feeds

those in need, passing on our food scraps to a local farm (who’s pigs thrive off

our waste), and ultimately getting very creative in in the process of moving

towards a complete circular loop.

But food doesn’t stop at production; our plastic free packaging is another

element we strongly believe in. All biodegradable to a home compost standard,

our boxes are all recycled post-consumer stock, printed with vegetable inks and

our inner wrapper is a renewable plant fibre, which all will break down in a

matter of weeks when composted.

Being part of an industry that contributes so significantly to waste, and

environmental impact, our dream at The Daily Bar is to create a circular loop

blueprint that we can share with other food manufacturers, showing them that it

is indeed possible.

Becoming circular for businesses is not an easy task but the reward far

outweighs the work, and in our eyes there is no other way forward for our world.


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