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"There has never been a more important time to live sustainably. whether you have a balcony, a courtyard, a yard, a rooftop or a whole paddock - airgarden makes it easy" and we couldn't agree more!

Prue & Tom came up with the idea of airgarden when they were, like many people, experiencing varying levels of success when growing their own fruits and vegetables at home. With busy lives, they set out to find simple, easy and sustainable ways to grow their own food at home.

That's when they stumbled across aeroponics technology, originally designed and developed by NASA as a means for producing food for astronauts in space. Aeroponics had great success in America and Europe but it hadn't reached Australian soils yet!

After many years of trial and error and help from some incredible manufactures at Evolve Group, they are ready to share airgarden with you.

The airgarden mission is to ensure everybody can grow their own nutrient dense fresh produce & eliminate food waste regardless of whether you live in an apartment. Townhouse or house.

airgarden uses 95% less water, 95% less space, straight from the garden to the table, the produce grows 2 - 3 times faster.  There is no soil or dirt & you don't need a green thumb to be successful.

We want #growingyourown to be easy, healthy & sustainable with only 5 mins maintenance a day.

Best of all airgarden is 100% Australian Made & Owned."


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