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What's happening in Western Australia (courtesy of our friends at Holonic)?

  • Holonic is a strategic design consultancy helping individuals and organisations appreciate and respond to complex challenges. Their founders Dylan Lamb and Andrew Thomson were inspired to start the company nearly two years ago, due to lack of awareness and education around the 'circular economy' heuristic framework and inspiring narrative and model for a future economic system for Australia that works for all, within the ecological limits of the planet. Holonic is an enabler and ecosystem catalyst for the transition to a circular economy for WA. The following 3 interwoven principles guide what they do:

    • Develop and maintain healthy relationships with NATURE. The ways we live and work must learn from nature and integrate with it, as it sustains us.

    • Develop and maintain healthy relationships with SELF & OTHERS. The ways we live and work must strive to increase the happiness and well-being of all.

    • Develop and maintain healthy relationships with the FUTURE. The ways we live and work today must aim to create a future where future generations can thrive.

  • Are you in WA and want to be apart of the circular economy revolution? You can join Holonic's Circular Economy Perth (WA) community for free by signing up here or by jumping on their Thrive By Design mailing list and newsletter.

  • Are you an intrapreneur or entrepreneur wanted to learn about circular and regenerative business models and strategic design? The team at Holonic would love to hear from you! You can drop us a line via our website. 

Recommended Reading & Listening from our friends at Holonic for Circular September...

  • Doughnut Economics: 7 Ways to think like a 21st Century Economist (Kate Raworth 2016):

  • The Ellen Macarthur Foundation is the central proponent and world-leading think tank based in the UK on all think circular economy (focusing on materials and energy). They have a heap of great resources online here:

  • Check out the Circular Economy Perth (WA) podcast hosted by Dylan Lamb

What's happening in Victoria?

What's happening Nationally?

  • Planet Ark has received $1.6 million in federal government funding to develop a Circular Economy online marketplace and a free public national collaboration platform; called the Australian Circular Economy (ACE) Hub. This will be launching in late November this year. Register your interest here to get access to the hub when it launches, including free educational content and events from our friends at Holonic in WA.


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