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National Mushroom Network

Start an urban mushroom farm in your backyard, school, business or community space!

The National Mushroom Network is business centred around growing mushrooms in a decentralised fashion, enabling individuals and local communities to grow valuable food in their backyard.

They believe growing mushrooms at home plays a vital role in powering the local food system and circular economy. Currently they support 65 mushroom growers in Australia to grow and trade mushrooms for their community and family. Providing multiple levels of growing and trading support to help you reach your individual goals is what they specialise in.

They offer incredible Shroom Room packages at different levels that will get you completely set up for growing your own mushrooms. They provide unbeatable support throughout the whole process

They helped many people kick start their mushroom growing careers. Some examples are given below:

The Shed Markets

"We love all things food: talking about it, buying it, cooking it, eating it and most importantly sharing it! We are passionately conscious about the provenance of our food and developing a sustainable future".

Mamma Brays Mushrooms

A beautiful local Market stall, selling fresh and dehydrated oyster mushrooms plus other mushroom products including powders, extracts and grow your own kits.

Mushroom Head

A Pay It Forward scheme where you can buy as many mushroom buckets as you like, which can then be given to individuals or communities who need them


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